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The Art of George Gallo: A Contemporary American Impressionist

A retrospective of George Gallo's landscape paintings spanning over 30 years. The paintings depict his favorite places throughout the northeast and southern California. In the book George discusses composition, color and the psychological reasons that artists create. The book was created in conjunction with the Butler Institute of American Art and was featured there during his retrospective exhibit.

  •  Featuring more than 100 of George's stunning landscape paintings accompanied by stories and thoughts surrounding his work.

Impressionist Painting for the Landscape: Secrets for Successful Oil Painting

Written by: George Gallo & Cindy Salaski

Learn to see, think and paint like an Impressionist master!

Contemporary master George Gallo will lead you through all you need to know from start to finish to create Impressionist-inspired landscape paintings in oil.

  • More than 50 powerful lessons, tips and secrets for composition, brushwork, value, lighting effects, color and movement along with 7 step-by-step painting demonstrations.

  • 80 stunning landscape paintings.

Impressionist Painting for the Landscape will help artists of every skill level achieve more expressive and personally satisfying results. Dive in to discover classic oil painting traditions, new perspectives and fresh paintings to inspire you to new heights.

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